Alytus Child Care Home is implementing institutional care of orphans, abandoned children as well as children who require care due to temporary or permanent termination of parental rights. Our tasks include socialising and integrating children into society, reuniting children with their biological families, assisting in fostering and adoption process.

There are on average 160 children living in the Alytus Child Care Home. On average, about 40 children are admitted or leave the Alytus Child Care Home every year.

Alytus Child Care Home personel consists of 80 employees, including 36 teachers. 28 teachers have obtained senior pedagogical qualification.

Alytus Child Care Home hosts children from State of Alytus, namely from the City of Alytus, as well as Alytus and Lazdijai regional districts. Children range in age from 4 to 18 years. For educational purposes, children are assigned into 7 groups of various ages and 2 pre-school groups. School-age children study in public secondary, either purely academic or professional, schools in Alytus.

Together with „North-South“ association based in France and non-profit fund „Vilties Takas“, we participate in long-term projects facilitating children‘s recreation, healthy lifestyle and adaptation in families.